Types of Prints

You have different options to get your prints done. Each is unique and possesses its own charm.

Emulsion Life Crinkle Style

In this mind-blowing art piece, the artist lifts the emulsion of the photo and physically texturizes the photo over painting paper. You can choose your own paper type when you place your order.

Old Letter Design

Due to its edgy cut and shape, this vintage piece resembles an old letter. It is created using a mix of media that is printed on high-quality leather made from real cows.

Antique Book Style

This gorgeous handcrafted book makes for the perfect present for your loved ones. It has an antique and rustic touch to it that gives it so much character. Shaerzadeh claims that an Australian artist inspired this design. The way he achieves the antique look is through an emulsion lift technique. Customers are free to choose two of their own photos, which will be on either side of the book, or they can choose from one of the already existing pre-made handwritten samples.

Aluminum Print

The aluminum photographic print has a surreal feel to it. In this brilliant photo technique, the artist applies an aluminum reflection onto the existing photograph by creating a shiny scratch over the metal. Many different modes of processing are used to give the photo personality. Framing is also included.

Mirror Reflection Glass Print

It’s as intriguing as the name sounds! Though not too common anymore, glass prints were all the hype in the late seventeenth century to the early nineteenth. It is an excellent piece of decorative art that gives both a painted effect as well as a digital one, thanks to the mirror reflection.

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